Meet Recap: Peggy continues to add to her total, with yet another total PR at the 2021 USAPL Springfield Showdown! Peggy hit a 176lb PR squat, 104lb bench press, and a 237lb PR deadlift on the way to 517lb total in the 76kg Master’s 4 division. This is now Peggy’s 7th meet since 2015, all coming after the age of 67 (now 72), and this makes it 5 straight meets in a row where she’s consistently added 2.5-5kg to her total each time! Squat is the lift recently that has really taken off, as she’s added over 30lbs to her meet best over the past 2 years! Peggy had struggled with depth and some other technical issues earlier on, but she has made great improvements not only technically, but also in her confidence, and from that we have been able to be a lot more aggressive in attempt selection. She’s now gone 3 for 3 on squats 2 meets in a row, which is something she had not done since her very first meet, and we will look to continue that trend as she competes at Raw Nationals in June!

Division: Master’s 4

Weight Class: 76kg

Squat: 176lbs.

Bench: 105lbs.

Deadlift: 237lbs.

Total: 518lbs.

Coach: Steve

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