Meet Recap: Stacey had about as perfect of a meet as it gets, adding 50lbs. to her total to finish at 645lbs.! That total included a 226lb. squat (17lb. PR), 143lb. bench press (6lb. PR), and 276lb. deadlift (28lb. PR)!

As a coach, every meet you go through scenarios of how things might go, and I can honestly say this is about what I expected out of Stacey, and would have been surprised if it went anything but as planned. I usually would not expect a “perfect meet”, but Stacey is as consistent and dedicated as they come. And that makes it very easy to be able to predict meet success when all of training has lined up almost exactly as planned and every session was performed with the same level of focus and intensity.

The biggest win of the day though was the 226lb. squat for Stacey. That was actually 2.5kg up from what I had planned, but the 2nd attempt moved so well that we went for it. When Stacey first started powerlifting, she wrote out long term goals and that included a 225lb. squat. So our issue going forward is she needs a new goal, as her squat this meet was her end goal!

As for what lies in the future, next up is USAPL Central Regionals in July, where Stacey hopes to qualify for USAPL Raw Nationals and then compete there in October. To circle back to her long term goals, she also had a 150lb. bench press, 300lb. deadlift, and qualifying for nationals on that list, and I think by the end of 2019 there is a good chance we will be able to cross out those 3 as well!

Division: Master’s

Weight Class: 67.5kg

Squat: 226lbs.

Bench: 143bs.

Deadlift: 276lbs.

Total: 645lbs.

Coach: Steve

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