Meet Recap: Just a nice 600kg training day for Wascar! The only real goal for the day was to get 3 lifts on the board to secure the qualifying total needed for Nationals, but just with how training was structured it worked out nicely to do a decently heavy Saturday SBD day at the meet and hit his first 600kg total. Wascar finished the day with a 479lb. squat, 303lb. bench press, and a 540lb. deadlift to secure a 1322lb. PR total on his week 3 SBD singles. Basically all 3rd attempts were planned to be around 2nd attempt range, and only squat was a little harder than planned. Wascar got called for depth on his 2nd at 457lbs., that moved like the opener it should be, so he just made sure to dunk his 3rd attempt to leave no doubt, and that got him a little out of position. With that said, it did lend itself to some good information that we need to be more mindful of depth in training, and likely to help with that we are going to experiment with a slightly narrower stance. We know from previous experimenting that a slightly narrower stance opens up a bit more room for hip flexion and IR, so the hopeful benefits of that would be a more natural competition depth without having to “reach” out of position to get there when the standards are high. 

Division: Open

Weight Class: 66kg

Squat: 479lbs.

Bench: 303lbs.

Deadlift: 540lbs.

Total: 1322lbs.

Coach: Steve

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