How To Program After An Extended Break From Training – CLICK HERE

With the current crisis, many people may be going 2-3 months without touching a barbell. So how do you program for powerlifting after coming back from a hiatus in training? In my latest YouTube video using Dan as an example, who took 6 months off powerlifting last year, I detail exactly how we structured his training to get him back near full strength within 5-6 weeks. In these videos (CLICK HERE), you can see the comparison of his week 1 pause squat set of 275×3 versus week 5 where he hit 350lbs. for 3 reps! I show the full breakdown of his training with the sets, exercise selection, and volume progression we used to get these results. And at the end, I give a general structure for anyone to use with the percentage of volume to start with for each lift and then the increases each week. Click the link above to watch!

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