Meet Recap: Anas wanted to make sure Texas was well represented again at the @usapowerlifting Carolina Primetime, and had a near perfect day, coming in 2nd place and taking home a nice $500 check! Anas was able to tie his meet PR total at 1631lbs. that included a 567lb squat, 413lb bench press, and a 650lb. deadlift. It was a tight battle throughout the day between Anas and Marcus, but Marcus really showed out and executed to perfection and was just a bit too much on the day to keep up with. Anas unfortunately jumped the press command on his 3rd bench (video shown) and that opened up a nice lead for Marcus going into deadlift. On Anas’ 3rd deadlift, he was able to pull into 1st for the time being, but Marcus pulled for the win and then some. If Anas had hit his 3rd bench, we would have needed a 302.5 kg deadlift to top what Marcus eventually put up. And while I think 302.5kg for Anas was actually doable on the day, Marcus seemed to have even more on his deadlift. No matter what, it was a great battle and another solid performance from Anas in a highly competitive meet. 

Division: Open

Weight Class: 75kg

Squat: 568lbs.

Bench: 413lbs.

Deadlift: 650lbs.

Total: 1631lbs.

Coach: Steve

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