Meet Recap: Only way to describe this day was Al had the meet he’s been dreaming of since he started this sport. Everything fell perfectly into place and ended with an 88lb. PR total at WRPF Nationals! The highlight of the day was his 3rd attempt squat at 578lbs., which that alone was a 66lb. wrapped PR and set the tone for the rest of the day. Bench was even better than expected, and Al smoked 330lbs. for his 3rd attempt, and for an added bonus hit 341lb. on a 4th attempt. And then capped off the day with a 529lb. deadlift to secure a 1438lb. total!

Division: Sub-Master’s (35-39)

Weight Class: 100kg

Squat: 578lbs.

Bench: 330lbs.

Deadlift: 529lbs.

Total: 1438lbs.

Coach: Steve

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