Meet Recap: Matt competed at the USAPL Odyssey Barbell Classic and put together his first ever 9 for 9 day. This was a big step up from his last meet, adding almost 100lbs. to his total and all 3 lifts making really good progress. Mr. Cronin was able to finish the day with a 573lb. squat, 347lb. bench press, and a 639lb. deadlift to round out a 1560lb. total! For those who follow or know Matt, you know this is not a PR total by any means, but he’s knocking on the door and we are both very confident the next time he steps on the platform he will be pushing past his 2019 Nationals performance. It’s been a long road inching back after many setbacks in 2020 to his training, but there is zero doubt these last 5-6 months have been the most consistent training he’s had in a very long time. As detailed in prior posts, before working with me and well into our time together we really struggled to find consistency. Lifts were constantly up and down in a pretty dramatic fashion block to block. But almost a blessing in disguise, post-meet in May he was dealing with a bit of a lower back issue that had us re-prioritize lower body accessory work in particular. And that really led to the setup we have now that has been so successful, and that time pulling back and shifting focus really helped answer many questions we had on why squat in particular was so finicky with strength fluctuations. Add in that for bench now, we’ve had 3 really good progressive blocks in a row, and the recipe is there. I have zero doubt this consistency is going to stack the chips block to block and lead to some really good numbers upcoming in 2023, and I know Matt is very excited as well and is ready to unleash that dawg inside.

Division: Open

Weight Class: 90kg

Squat: 573lbs.

Bench: 347lbs.

Deadlift: 639lbs.

Total: 1560lbs.

Coach: Steve

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