Meet Recap: Izzy competed at the USAPL Midwest Collegiate Championships for @mckendreepowerlifting, finishing 3rd place in the 60kg class and a small total PR! Izzy ended the day with a 286lb. squat, 176lb. bench press, and 347lb. deadlift for a 810lb. total! The fight of the day though came on Izzy’s 3rd deadlift. At Collegiate Nationals this year we had to take it pretty conservative on deadlift to help wrap up 5th place, so come 3rd attempts at this meet I was fine with being more aggressive. It ended up being a very close call, and Izzy hit a 5 second+ grinder with 369lbs., but just couldn’t quite lock it out. We’ve got 20 weeks now to make that an easy 3rd attempt for Collegiate Nationals, as Izzy and McKendree University look to improve on their placing from last year in the team standings!

Division: Junior

Weight Class: 60kg

Squat: 287lbs.

Bench: 176lbs.

Deadlift: 347lbs.

Total: 810lbs.

Coach: Steve

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