Meet Recap: USAPL Raw Nationals recaps conclude with Autumm, who finished 4th in the 76kg open division with a 77lb PR total! The goal on the day was to hit 500kg, and Autumm hit that right on the button. Autumm hit PRs all around with a 424lb squat, 237lb bench press, and a 441lb deadlift! Throughout the day we had a close battle for 3rd, so the goal was to make attempts and see where that put us come 3rd deadlifts. Maria Dailey had a huge day though, and come 3rd deadlifts it was a bit out of reach, but 4th place at Nationals in the 76kg division still far exceeded our expectations when this prep started. I can’t say enough great things about Autumm and her focus and determination throughout this prep. With the external factors she was dealing with, 99% of people I believe would have dropped out. But as her coach I would never have known if it was affecting her, because come training time, she was all in. 

I’ve been coaching her for about 6 months, and with some tinkering, things really came together perfectly that last block with all 3 lifts. In the past her achilles heel has been deadlift, and we took a very different approach than normal to training and peaking her sumo deadlift. Pretty much all we did was super low volume/low intensity cluster singles and let squat do all the main work. We had seen from some past blocks that this worked, so we trusted the past data and it proved correct come meet day, as that pull was 44lbs over what she hit in October. We also can be very confident in the way we peaked squat, as her 424lb 3rd attempt looked like it could have easily been her 2nd, so it’s great to see after our first meet together that we already have a solid baseline to build off of into future meets!

Division: Open

Weight Class: 76kg

Squat: 424lbs.

Bench: 237lbs.

Deadlift: 441lbs.

Total: 1102lbs.

Coach: Steve

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