Meet Recap: Brandi set out with the goal to hit an 800lb+ total and she accomplished that on her last deadlifts, as she grinded out 342lbs. to secure an 805lb. total! Brandi rounded out her total with a 292lb. squat and 171lb. bench press, finishing the day 8 for 9. Deadlift was the big surprise of the day though, because as mentioned in my post last week, just 3 weeks out she switched from conventional to sumo. Her best sumo pull prior had been 275lbs., so interestingly after having not really trained sumo for almost a year, she added 67lbs. to it come meet day.

Division: Open

Weight Class: 67.5kg

Squat: 292lbs.

Bench: 171lbs.

Deadlift: 342lbs.

Total: 805lbs.

Coach: Steve

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