Meet Recap: Rob doing what he does best, and adding another 85lbs. to his total at the 2020 USPA Missouri State Championships! Rob finished with a 1565lb. total that consisted of a 535lb. squat, 369lb. bench press, and a 661lb. deadlift! Going into the final deadlift there was 2 options. Play it safe and put 678lbs. on the bar to secure a 400 Wilks, or load it up to 700 and take it for a ride. With a big day already secured, Rob wanted that 700 and got it to just above his knees before hitting a wall. I’m sure that won’t be the last time we load that on the bar, and if his progress continues as it has over the last 2 years (268lbs. added to his total), it may end up being his 2nd attempt next time around!

Division: Junior

Weight Class: 140kg

Squat: 535lbs.

Bench: 369lbs.

Deadlift: 661lbs.

Total: 1565lbs.

Coach: Steve

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