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Meet Recap: Brayden’s first USAPL meet was a great success, hitting a 206lb. PR total on basically the perfect day with plenty more in the tank! Big credit to Brayden as a good chunk of that PR total came from his own self coaching, but I am really excited about the improvements we’ve been able to make over the last 7 months. And being only 19 years old, I think we will have plenty more meets like this in the¬†future. Brayden finished the day with a 474lb. squat, 319lb. bench press, and a 518lb. deadlift to round out a 1311lb. total. Bench was the biggest surprise on the day, as we knew he would likely have the strength for the high end of 319lb., just not that fast. Bench has been progressing rapidly, and this final block leading into the meet we almost couldn’t keep up with the progression week to week on his singles. I think that was in large part due to finally getting to use a good competition bench, and the technique improvements from that were pretty notable. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if within the next couple months Brayden hits something in the mid 300s based on how 319lbs. looked at his current rate of progression.¬†

Division: Teen 3

Weight Class: 100kg

Squat: 474lbs.

Bench: 319lbs.

Deadlift: 518lbs.

Total: 1311lbs.

Coach: Steve

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