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Meet Recap: 501lbs. has fallen on deadlift for Joe! And that alone could have made this meet a success, but it didn’t hurt when Joe also PR’d his squat and bench, went 9 for 9, and had his biggest PR total to date! I have coached Joe since 2017 and he is one of the OG PRs athletes, and from the get go that 500lb. deadlift has been the goal. I’ll explain a bit more in a bit, but that has been a struggle, as his deadlift is incredibly finicky. But 5 years of data, experimenting, and hard work from Joe led to the day I know he’s been waiting for. 5 years of enjoying the process, 5 years of ups and downs, and 5 years of taking each little PR that came his way. Joe was able to finish the day with a 380lb. squat, 242lb. bench press, and the aforementioned 501lb. deadlift for a 1124lb. total! To say I am proud of Joe is an understatement, and for those who saw my story with my reaction in the background when he hit that deadlift shows just how excited for him I was. It doesn’t matter if it is a National Championship or a 500lb. deadlift, when someone works as hard as Joe has for this long, it’s amazing as a coach to see those goals finally come to fruition!

Division: M1

Weight Class: 100kg

Squat: 380lbs.

Bench: 242lbs.

Deadlift: 501lbs.

Total: 1124lbs.

Coach: Steve

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