Meet Recap: Going into USAPL Raw Nationals, the main goals for Nicolas were to PR his total and see if we could place in the top 10. What we didn’t expect was to be knocking on the door of a top 5 placing. But a perfect day on the platform lent itself to a big day and some surprises in placing! Nicolas finished a 9 for 9 day with a 672lb. squat, 402lb. bench press and a 733lb. deadlift to hit a PR total of 1808lbs! We were simply trying to make lifts on the day and eclipse an 1800lb. total, but as things started to settle during Primetime we realized Nicolas might have a legitimate shot at top 5. Which in reality is exactly what he did based on total, but just missed out due to being tied on total with Angelo and just losing out on bodyweight and placing 6th. All in all though, I know we both came away extremely happy with the day and excited for the progress to come in the future.

Division: Open

Weight Class: 110kg

Squat: 672lbs.

Bench: 402lbs.

Deadlift: 733lbs.

Total: 1808lbs.

Coach: Steve

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