Meet Recap: Sean finished the 2022 USAPL Raw Nationals with the bronze medal, and while it’s not what we went to Vegas to accomplish, I’m proud of Sean for showing his resilience. Sean is one of the hardest working athletes I have ever had the chance to coach, and there is no quit in him. No quit on meet day, and no quit on the goals he wants to accomplish. And in the grand scheme of the 82.5-83kg landscape, on a day that went about as bad as possible on squat and bench, he still managed a 819kg total. As explained on my stories, come deadlift time we knew 1st place was out of the picture, so it was about managing the day to secure the best placing and finish the day strong. Jon had the forecasted advantage by 6kg going into opening deadlifts, as well as knowing Angelo is always lurking with that huge deadlift. So in playing the board, come 3rd deadlifts, if Jon hit his 3rd attempt Sean would have needed 340kg. We had that put in as an attempt, but never planned on actually taking it. If Jon’s 3rd had not been overturned, the plan was 332.5kg to force Angelo to load 359kg to pull for 3rd place. But once Jon’s 3rd was overturned, I debated back and forth on 330kg or 332.5kg, which ensued the crazy attempt selection changes you all might have seen going on. I ended up changing the attempt from 332.5kg to 330kg knowing that it still pushed Angelo another 1kg over what he thought was his top end on the day, but secured a top 3 spot with a fairly conservative 3rd attempt. As likely everyone knows reading this, Angelo hit an epic 3rd pull, and honestly I think he probably could have hit 359kg as well so the difference in 3rd attempts wouldn’t have mattered in the grand scheme of things.

Division: Open

Weight Class: 82.5kg

Squat: 628lbs.

Bench: 449lbs.

Deadlift: 727lbs.

Total: 1805lbs.

Coach: Steve

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