Meet Recap: Autumm is your 2022 USAPL Raw Nationals 75kg bronze medalist! From the get go we knew it was going to be a 3 way battle between Autumm, Jasmyn, and Claire and it did not disappoint. Jasmyn definitely was the favorite, and as things unfolded it was pretty clear it was going to come down to Autumm and Claire for second place, as Jasmyn was able to build a big enough lead on subtotal to where 1st was likely out of reach. As I detailed in both Anas and Demetria’s recaps, we just had to make lifts, and Claire was making hers as well. Both Autumm and Claire were 7 for 7 going into 2nd attempt deadlifts. Autumm ended up hitting 457lbs. for her 2nd attempt which brought her into the lead by 7.5kg for the time being, before Claire then was successful with 468lbs. to retake the lead by 2.5kg. Since Claire had bodyweight advantage, that simply meant we needed to take a 5kg jump to then force Claire to execute her 3rd, and we knew we were already reaching our top end on the day for Autumm and couldn’t push much more than that. Unfortunately after a perfect 8 for 8 day leading into 3rds, that final deadlift wasn’t quite there for Autumm, but it wouldn’t have mattered much placing wise as Claire was able to jump to 479lbs. and hit that with likely more in the tank. For Autumm it was still an amazing day and she walked away with a 21lb. PR total from the Arnold, finishing with a 446lb. squat, 242lb. bench press, and a 457lb. deadlift! I know Autumm will enjoy a nice break from competing after back to back preps, and I have a feeling this 3 way battle will be happening again in the near future!


Division: Open

Weight Class: 75kg

Squat: 446lbs. 

Bench: 242lbs. 

Deadlift: 457lbs.

Total: 1146lbs. 

Coach: Steve

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