Meet Recap: Peggy is your 75kg M4 USAPL Raw Nationals silver medalist! As I already alluded to early in the week, I coach 2 of the 3 competitors in this division, and it was a very close battle from the get go. Starting the day, Peggy was 5kg back on forecasted total, and to have a chance at beating Kate she had to be perfect. Strength on the day was amazing, and she was able to hit one of the biggest grinders of her life on her 3rd attempt squat, but unfortunately right after the start command she had shifted her right foot, so it was a no lift. So from then on out, I knew it was a battle for second. Come deadlift time, Peggy was neck and neck with Lenore, and Lenore loaded up the AR deadlift for her 3rd attempt, which forced us to have to jump 7.5kg from Peggy’s 2nd attempt and go for the high end of our plan on the day. Peggy came in clutch though, and grinded out her 3rd attempt for a PR and to secure the silver medal! She finished the day with a 176lb. squat, 110lb. bench press, and a 248lb. deadlift to secure a 534lb. total!

Division: M4

Weight Class: 75kg

Squat: 176lbs

Bench: 110lbs

Deadlift: 248lbs

Total: 534lbs.

Coach: Steve

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