Meet Recap: Kate is your 75kg M4 National Champion!!! Kate has racked up a couple silver medals in the past years, as well as she was supposed to compete at Worlds in 2020, so there has been an itch to finally take that next step to becoming a National Champion. The goal is now accomplished, and what makes it even more impressive is there was actually a very close battle in this class, which is rare for the M4 division. All 3 women entered came in with the same exact qualifying total, and upon forecasted openers they were just separated by 5kg. With that said, many of you may know I coach one of those other competitors in Peggy, who I will recap later this week, but I knew for the most part going in Kate was likely going to be the favorite if she hit her lifts. And if Kate executed, it would force the hand of Peggy and the other competitor to have to reach and have a perfect day. For Kate, pretty much the goal was to repeat what she did at the Arnold, except hit the 3rd attempt squat and bench that she missed on technicalities at that meet. And she did exactly that, hitting 187lbs. on squat, 115lbs. on bench press, and a pretty easy 248lb. deadlift for a PR total of 551lbs.! For squat and deadlift in particular, we knew we had more, but it was less about individual lift numbers and more so just about putting up a total that was going to secure her the win. Kate executed perfectly on the day, and she can now add National Champion to her resume. And for icing on the cake, her son was able to travel in from California and watch his Mom first hand lift more weight than probably he could, so I know that was a very proud moment for both of them!

Division: M4

Weight Class: 75kg

Squat: 187lbs.

Bench: 115lbs.

Deadlift: 248lbs.

Total: 545lbs.

Coach: Steve

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