Meet Recap: Back to back silver medals at USAPL Raw Nationals in the 48kg class for Demetria Thaten! I’d be confident in saying this one was a bit more satisfying though, as it was the meet that execution finally came together on all 3 lifts, and Demetria needed every one of those kilos to place 2nd! We knew going in it was going to be a really close battle, with 4 competitors all likely vying for 2nd place and having a legitimate shot based on execution. And in the end it came down to Demetria’s final pull jumping her into 2nd place by tieing on total, but winning on bodyweight! It was basically a perfect day, as we took what was really her 3rd attempt bench on her 2nd, just in case something went wrong and we could have a chance to retake it. So with that, Demetria hit all our goals for the meet with a 286lb. squat, 198lb. bench press, and a 363lb. deadlift to secure the PR total at 848lbs!

I told Demetria going in that we would not number chase. She very¬†well may have had a little more in squat in particular, but with as close of a battle as we were in and 5 women all possibly capable of 380kg+, we just had to hit lifts. The goal was 2nd, but if Jessica had an off day (which she didn’t) even 1st was possible in that scenario, but first we just had to hit lifts. Going into deadlifts we were at a bit of a disadvantage as Kate Cohen had the heavier pull and we knew likely she was going to get to load whatever she needed to place 2nd. But Demetria was able to get redemption from the VA Pro where she almost bombed out on deadlifts due to technicalities, and hit a huge 10kg PR that pushed Kate just outside of her comfort zone. This prep wasn’t perfect, as Demetria got sick twice in the final 6 weeks that forced us to have to skip or reorganize some workouts, but she worked her butt off for this over the last year and it showed on the platform!
Division: Open

Weight Class: 48kg

Squat: 286lbs.

Bench: 198lbs.

Deadlift: 364lbs.

Total: 848lbs.

Coach: Steve

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