Meet Recap: Chris competed at the 2021 APU Vic State Championships where he made his debut in the 74kg class, albeit at a lower bodyweight of 70.8kg. He hopped into this meet mid-training block, as he just needed to solidify a QT total, but still fairly easily came away with PRs all around. Chris ended the day with a 451lb. squat, 281lb. bench, and a massive 705lb. deadlift (ties the current unofficial Junior WR) for a 1437lb. total as a Junior. Even though the deadlift was the highlight of the day (and the only lift we have a video of), squat was possibly the most impressive. Chris recently has decided to shift focus to being a more all around lifter, with the eventual goal of competing at IPF worlds. He hadn’t low bar squatted in I believe 6 months or so, and with only 4 weeks of low bar squatting he was able to come away with a PR. With upping squat frequency to 2 days a week moving forward, and having low bar now be standard, I’d expect some fairly fast levels of progression in the coming months and another easy PR when he competes next time this summer.   

While there will be definite goals to improve squat and bench moving forward, there is no denying how impressive that 320kg deadlift was. The current unofficial Open WR is 325kg, and with the progression we’ve seen lately and the room to grow into this weight class, I have little doubt Chris will be battling for that record for years to come. And that is no doubt a goal, but with the focus shifting to competitiveness within the IPF, being a better all around lifter and pushing to that 700kg total barrier is the next checkmark on the list!

Division: Junior

Weight Class: 74kg

Squat: 451lbs.

Bench: 281lbs.

Deadlift: 705lbs.

Total: 1437lbs.

Coach: Steve

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