Meet Recap: Dave competed at the USPA Throwdown At The Compound where he accomplished his goal of hitting the QT for USPA Nationals. Dave finished the day with a 551lb. squat PR, 413lb. bench PR, and a 490lbs. deadlift for a 1454lb. total. While the QT was the primary goal on the day, the highlight was definitely the 413lb. bench. It has been a lifetime goal to hit 400+ on the platform, and after his meet getting cancelled last year where seemingly 402lbs. would have gone done, he came back this year with more and crushed it! The odd lift on the day as can be seen is deadlift. After a back injury last year, as well as a shift towards Strongman training, we had a prolonged period of no barbell deadlifting followed by a lot of trap bar deadlifting. Coming into meet prep and reintroducing barbell deadlifts after almost 9 months off, they just weren’t the same. At a certain point we decided to just back off that a bit and think long term for USPA Nationals, as he obviously didn’t need the 600lb.+ deadlift he’s had in the past to secure that qualifying total he wanted. We’ve got time now to rehab that deadlift and get it back to its former glory, and look to crush this total in June!

Division: Masters 40-44

Weight Class:140kg

Squat: 551lbs.

Bench: 413lbs.

Deadlift: 490lbs.

Total: 1454lbs.

Coach: Steve

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