Meet Recap: Clayton competed at the 2022 USPA DT Summer Showdown and finished with an 8 for 9 day and a PR total! Clayton I think got almost every ounce he could on the day too, as witness from that 3rd attempt squat in particular. He was able to lock out an all out grinder at 446lbs. for a PR, which considering that has been his problem lift for most of his powerlifting career, that’s big win. Come bench time we knew we wanted to set up deadlift as best as possible to make a run at a PR total, so we planned from the get go to play it conservative, but Clayton was feeling strong on the day and was able to manage  292lbs. for a small PR on his perfect 3rd attempt. On deadlift, the day almost finished out perfect, but on his 3rd attempt at 583lbs. he just lost grip with his underhand right as he locked it out. But fortunately his 2nd attempt at 567lbs. still locked in a PR total, and maybe a little blessing in disguise to miss that 3rd as I know it lighted a fire. We were fairly taken aback by grip failing, as that has never once been an issue in training or meets in 6+ years of competing, but next time around we will make sure that is no longer a variable we have to be concerned about. 

Division: Open

Weight Class: 100kg

Squat: 446lbs.

Bench: 292lbs.

Deadlift: 567lbs.

Total: 1305lbs.

Coach: Steve

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