Meet Recap: Colette made the comeback complete at Dutch Master’s Nationals, taking home best overall female lifter, 1st place in the 69kg class (weighing 64.1kg), and a ticket to IPF Master’s Worlds! After an unfortunate bicep injury during European Master’s prep last year, it had been about a 6 month road to just being back to a normal training structure. And even with only about 10 weeks of regular training, Colette was able to hit a PR total of 415.5kg! She finished the day with a 152.5kg squat, 80kg bench press, and a 183kg deadlift, with both the squat and deadlift being National records! We fortunately now have a nice break until IPF Master’s Worlds in October, and it will be one of the longest stints we have had since working together where there is no other meet on the horizon. 

Division: M1

Weight Class: 69kg

Squat: 336lbs

Bench: 176lbs

Deadlift: 403lbs

Total: 916lbs

Coach: Steve

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