Meet Recap: It’s been a crazy year for Colette, as it has been back and forth on if or when meets were actually going to take place. Meets were getting cancelled, dates were being changed, so we were shifting things back and forth on how to program and peak for certain meets based on timeframes. So going into Dutch Nationals, we actually did not plan to peak for this meet, with the European Championships looming just 7 weeks later. But 3 weeks out we decided to shift focus and see if we could compete for a podium spot in the Open division at Dutch Nationals. It was a bit shaky in training, and those 3 weeks did not go perfect, but on meet day things could not have gone much better. The original goal was to shoot for a bronze, but as the meet day unfolded and Colette was hitting lift after lift, it set things up for a fairly easy pull to secure 2nd place in the 63kg class! Colette finished the day with a 331lb squat, 181lb bench, and 402lb deadlift for a PR total of 914lbs! Squat was the biggest surprise on the day, as in training she had missed 150kg on multiple occasions. But as can be seen above, she absolutely smoked it on meet day. I think there was an aspect of programming that helped to peak her for this day, but probably more so I could see Colette’s confidence on the day, being more mindless, and just squatting. It’s a common trait of powerlifters to overthink, and on meet day when you just kind of “black out” on the platform and rely on natural instincts, the best of you comes out, and that’s what happened for sure on this day for Colette.

Division: Open (M1)

Weight Class: 63kg

Squat: 331lbs

Bench: 181lbs

Deadlift: 402lbs

Total: 914lbs

Coach: Steve

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