Meet Recap: Heather competed at the USPA DT @squat2depth_apparel Summer Showdown and had about as perfect of a day as we could have hoped. Heather was able to come away with a 22lb. meet PR total of 661lbs on a 9 for 9 day! She made her 3rd attempts of 237lbs on squat and 292lbs on deadlift looked easy, but made up for that ease with one of the toughest grinders on bench I’ve seen! Watching, I really thought that it was going to get stuck right off her chest, but she stuck with it and finished the lift for a bench PR at 132lbs.

Division: Open

Weight Class: 67.5kg

Squat: 237lbs

Bench: 132lbs

Deadlift: 292lbs

Total: 661lbs

Coach: Steve

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