Meet Recap:  Zach returned to the platform at the USAPL Virginia Open State Championships and showcased those quarantine gains made over the past year since the Arnold with a 66lb PR total! On the day, Zach hit a 567lb squat, 380lb bench press and a 639lb deadlift to finish with a 1587lb and easily breaking over that 700kg mark. The prior 4 months things really started to click in Zach’s training and we saw squat and deadlift in particular start being the most consistent they’d ever been. With that though, bench was still the biggest PR on the day, and that came a lot from learning how to manage the stress of low bar squatting to bench workload. Zach has had continual issues with low bar creating carry over issues to bench, so due to that we’ve limited low bar squatting to once a week frequency. Fortunately high bar has really good carry over for Zach, so we can push that pretty much year round with little to no issue. And finding that happy medium really allowed bench to be consistently pain free and progressing. 

Division: Open

Weight Class: 83kg

Squat: 567lbs

Bench: 380lbs

Deadlift: 639lbs

Total: 1586lbs

Coach: Steve

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