Meet Recap: Lorenzo broke his 2 year competition hiatus, competing at the USAPL Virginia Open State Championships where he took home 1st in the 93kg division and a cash prize to go with it! On the day Lorenzo hit a 589lb squat, 374lb deadlift, and a 677lb deadlift for a 1642lb total. On squat and bench he was able to pull out some small PRs, and just narrowly missed his 3rd bench at 391lbs. But deadlift is where we expected something big, and unfortunately some balance issues on his 2nd and 3rd attempts crept in. While the strength that we know is there wasn’t quite showcased, I know Lorenzo walked away still in pretty good spirits knowing that we had so many good indicators on all 3 lifts during this prep that strength was at an all time best. 

Division: Open

Weight Class: 93kg

Squat: 589lbs

Bench: 374lbs

Deadlift: 677lbs

Total: 1642lbs

Coach: Steve

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