Meet Recap: Kate competed at her 2nd Raw Nationals this past week at 71 years old, and had about the best day we could have hoped for, and brought home the silver medal in the M4 76kg division! Kate just competed at a local meet recently in April, so our expectations were if we could match that total at a national meet, that would be fantastic. But Kate had even more in the tank and was able to set a new total PR at 518lbs, a 11lb increase over April! On the day Kate hit a 165lb squat, 110lb bench press, and then capped things off with a PR deadlift of 242lbs. to finish the day with a bang! 

At Kate’s first Nationals in 2019, nerves were at an all time high, but this time around she was very composed and executed perfectly on the day. And a big part of that is she just had fun. She was actually a bit disappointed in her April meet performance, mainly from just being in her head all day at the meet. But at Nationals, she brought a positive mindset and a different level of confidence that showed in her results on the platform. We also got to have a little bit of fun on the day, as it almost came down to having a chance to pull for the win. Going into the meet, Kate was behind a good deal on QT total, but as she continued to hit lifts on the day we saw that gap closing. After the dust had settled after 2nd deadlifts, we saw a chance to possibly pull for the win. Margaret did a fantastic job though and came in clutch with her final pull, and just put it a touch out of reach for Kate. 

Division: Master’s 4

Weight Class: 76kg

Squat: 165lbs.

Bench: 110lbs.

Deadlift: 242lbs.

Total: 518lbs.

Coach: Steve

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