Meet Recap: Dan┬ácompeted at the 2018 USAPL Missouri State Championships, and while it was not the performance we knew he was capable of, he still walked away with a PR total. Dan had some stomach issues during the week and was not able to eat very much for a couple days leading up to the meet, so we knew going into the day that we need to lower expectations because of that. He was able to finish the day going 6/9, with a 402lb. squat, 254lb, bench press, and a 474lb. deadlift. He narrowly missed a 424lb. squat on his 3rd attempt that would have been a big win considering he just started squatting consistently again 4 months ago after a year or so battle with patellar tendonitis. On bench, 254lbs. was actually a meet PR, but we knew he was capable of 275+ but it just wasn’t there that day, as this is where the decreased calories seemed to hit the most. He was able to finish strong though with his deadlift, which was a 17lb. meet PR and a good cap to finish the day. Overall it was a great day factoring in the stomach issues and Dan has already signed up for the USAPL Midwest Regionals in July to get some redemption on that squat and bench press.

Division: Open

Weight Class: 83kg

Squat: 402lbs.

Bench: 254lbs.

Deadlift: 474lbs.

Total: 1130lbs.

Coach: Steve

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