Meet Recap: Abbee competed in her first meet this past weekend with a bang! Abbee finished 7/9, with a 336lb. squat, 176lb. bench press, and a 391lb. deadlift to finish with a 903lb. total and 404 Wilks in the 72kg class. She was able to take home the Gold in the 72kg open division, and finished second overall in the best overall female lifter standings. Over the past 6 months since starting this journey, Abbee has added over 300lbs. to her total while losing 20lbs. bodyweight simultaneously, which still baffles me on how that was possible. The crazy part is now she finally gets to train at maintenance/surplus level calories, so I am excited to see the progress to come now that we can train in more optimal conditions! While I handled the lifting side of things, @Justin_parel handled the nutrition side and did a phenomenal job, and this whole process of getting Abbee competition ready really was a team effort.

Division: Open

Weight Class: 72kg

Squat: 336lbs.

Bench: 176lbs.

Deadlift: 391lbs.

Total: 903lbs.

Coach: Steve

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