Competition Recap:┬áCongrats to Dave who placed first overall in the Men’s Master class at the USS Monster’s of the Midwest! He went into the final event just .5 points back from 1st, and performed in the clutch by taking the win in the Sand Bag Over Bar to secure first overall in the competition. Even with a couple setbacks during training due to a continuing back issue, Dave came in strong and even set a PR with a 535lb. deadlift in the first event.

Division: Master’s Men

Max Deadlift: 535lbs. – 2nd Place

Circus Dumbbell (1 rep-110lbs.), Axle Clean to Press (1 rep-200lbs.), Log Press (AMRAP for remaining time-200lbs.): 8 repetitions with the log press – 1st Place

Yoke Walk (500lbs.): 2nd Place

Sand Bag Over Bar (200lbs.): 8 repetitions – 1st Place

Coach: Steve



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