Meet Recap: Another year at the USAPL Missouri State Championships for Dan, and another 50lb PR total. Almost like clockwork Dan has been consistently adding 50-70lbs. a year to his total and this may have been his best overall performance to date. Dan finished the day 9 for 9 with a 446lb. squat (22lb. PR), 270lb. bench press, (6lb. PR), and an all out grinder of a deadlift of 524lbs. (22lb. PR). Dan is the deadlift grind king of the PR team, and I knew as soon as he got it to his knees that he was locking it! But I think I speak for Dan that the highlight of the day was his squat, as I know he has been working really hard for that one. These last couple training blocks things really came together with squats, and in prior Dan probably cannot grind that attempt out. But he has been able to raise his ceiling of form breakdown, especially with keeping a tight upper back, and Dan was executed to perfection.

Division: Open

Weight Class: 83kg

Squat: 446lbs.

Bench: 270bs.

Deadlift: 524lbs.

Total: 1240lbs.

Coach: Steve

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