Meet Recap: Brandi took home all the hardware last Sunday at the USPA Kansas State Championships, where she won the 60kg Open class and Best Overall Female Lifter! Brandi finished the day with a 122lb. total PR of 799lbs. and an 83 point Wilks PR of 404, so needless to say it was a pretty good day. Brandi’s best lifts included a 292lb. squat (33lb. PR), 170lb. bench press (20lb. PR), and a 336lb. deadlift (55lb. PR). The only slight hiccup of the day came on her 2nd attempt deadlift where she actually missed the lift at the knees (I included this video at the end just so you can see the difference). But after a slight adjustment (had her setup with the bar a bit closer to her for her 3rd attempt), Brandi came back and crushed her 3rd attempt deadlift to finish the day strong! Her strength on the day was even better than we could have hoped, especially on bench press. Going into the meet, the option of going 170lbs. wasn’t really even in the picture based on how the 163lb. single moved in training the week prior, but come meet day Brandi’s bench was on point, and she may have had another 5kg in her based on how her 3rd attempt moved. On squats I actually made the mistake of reading the wrong Kilos to the scoring table for her 3rd attempt, as I meant to have her go the high route and take 298lbs. which definitely was there, but fortunately it worked out having that little extra in the tank on deadlifts with the slight hiccup we had. Overall it couldn’t have gone much better, and Brandi has elevated herself to a new level in powerlifting and it is exciting to ride this momentum and see her progress moving forward!

Division: Open

Weight Class: 60kg

Squat: 292lbs.

Bench: 170bs.

Deadlift: 336lbs.

Total: 799lbs.

Coach: Steve

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