Competition Recap: Dave competed at the Arkansas’s Strongest Man competition this past weekend, sanctioned by @strongmancorporation, where he finished 1st in the Master’s division with a clean sweep of the events! Going up against 3 other competitors with a Master’s Nationals qualifying spot on the line, Dave did what he came there to do which is secure that qualifying spot and will now be traveling to Vegas for Nationals in September. The 1st event of the day was a medley of sandbag carry, keg carry, and farmer’s walk all at 60ft. Dave was able to complete this with relative ease, but it was one of the more contested events of the day, but he was able to nudge out the win. The 2nd event was press medley of 2 reps each on the log press, axle press, and circus dumbbell. Dave was the only one to achieve a rep with the circus dumbbell and stopped after 1 completed rep knowing he already had the event win. Next up was the yoke walk for 60ft with 550lbs. Due to some last minute changes they actually adjusted much of the weights down for the Master’s division, and we had been training for 650lbs., so Dave breezed through this with another event win. The 4th event was a deadlift medley of 1 rep with the axle bar deadlift (385lbs.), 1 rep on the deadlift bar deadlift 405lbs., and and AMRAP with an axle w/ tires deadlift  (485lbs.). This was another event that we had been planning for much heavier, and with Dave’s 600lb. deadlift strength he crushed this and finished with 7 reps on the axle w/ tires deadlift. Finishing up the day, the 5th event was a 3 stone load with I believe the heaviest stone being 347lbs. Dave was able to complete all 3, locking up the event win and sweeping 1st through all events!

Division: Master’s Men

Coach: Steve


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