Competition Recap: Dave took a little pit stop on the road to Strongman Corp Master’s Nationals, competing at the Minnesota State Strongman Championships this past weekend. His day was capped by his performance on the Viking Press, hitting 10 reps at 350lbs. Outside of that, the competition did not go quite as we would have hoped. These were all very similar weights and events to the competition that Dave just crushed back in April, but with the long term goal of Nationals I tried something a bit different with Dave’s training leading up to this contest. I had him train normal all the way until a week out, and then do a fast taper the week of while still keeping intensity high, with the hopes of not having to fully peak, taper, and disrupt training. While Dave’s pressing strength was still there, his loaded carry and deadlift strength took a hit, as we typically do a longer taper for him that has worked really well. Lessons learned here, and its redemption time come September at Strongman Corp Master’s Nationals in Las Vegas!

Division: Master’s Men

Coach: Steve

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