Meet Recap: Stacey traveled up to Minnesota to compete in the 2019 USAPL Central Regionals in hopes of securing a qualification for Raw Nationals, and she did exactly that! Stacey finished the day with a 220lb. squat, 149lb. bench press, and a 270lb. deadlift for a 639lb. total! It wasn’t a perfect day, as a couple small hiccups kept Stacey from really displaying the strength she had on the day, but fortunately next up is Raw Nationals in just 13 weeks where I have zero doubt she will well prepared to hit some big PRs at her first major meet!

Division: Master’s 1

Weight Class: 63kg

Squat: 220lbs.

Bench: 149bs.

Deadlift: 270lbs.

Total: 639lbs.

Coach: Steve

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