Meet Recap: Joe competed at the USAPL Arkansas State Championships where he finished with a 369lb. squat, 231lb. bench press, and 463lb. deadlift! The highlight of the day was his big PR squat, which had plenty more in the tank as he actually moved his 3rd attempt probably better than this 1st. Joe has a quick turnaround and is competing again on September 7th, so one of the big priorities from my end as a coach is I wanted Joe to put together 3 good squats, the one thing he hadn’t done in a meet yet. This time around he did so, and I know the confidence from that is going to roll into the next meet the same way bench press did in April! Something we will give a shot next meet too is a heavy squat hold as his last warmup. Joe on a regular basis in training does heavy squat holds and find it builds confidence once he has lighter weight on his back. So the hope will be that heavy hold prior to his opener will help to make it feel lighter on his back and and build confidence from the get go, rather than confidence building up through each attempt.

Division: Open

Weight Class: 105kg

Squat: 368lbs.

Bench: 231bs.

Deadlift: 462lbs.

Total: 1064lbs.

Coach: Steve

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