Meet Recap: We had one goal at this meet and that goal was to qualify for nationals in the 83kg weight class. The qualifying total was 625kg. This last Saturday he did just that, Jesse hit 625 kg right on the dot. The first squat didn’t go as planned. He missed on downward movement. However, knowing that his only goal on the day was to qualify for nationals we had to go for his planned second attempt. He hit that and then ended up squeezing out a third attempt of 252.5 kg/ 556lbs.  On to bench, we were confident he could hit 303lbs so we took it for his second attempt, knowing if he missed it on a technical error, we had the third attempt to try it again. Once he hit 303lbs we saved his energy for his deadlift. On deadlift he hit 518lbs on his second attempt to seal the day and qualify for nationals. The game plan here was exactly the same as it was for bench. We were confident in 518lbs and knew that he was more than capable of hitting this attempt. After the initial scare with the first attempt, the day couldn’t have went any better. I am super excited to see what Jesse is able to put together at Nationals.

Division: Open

Weight Class: 83kg

Squat: 556lbs.

Bench: 303bs.

Deadlift: 518lbs.

Total: 1377lbs.

Coach: Patrick



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