Meet Recap: At 69 years young, Kate competed in her first ever sanctioned powerlifting meet this past Saturday at the USAPL Arkansas State Championships performed incredibly! After some meet jitters on her first squat, she came back and nailed her next two attempts and was able to walk away with her goal weight on all 3 lifts with a 143lb. squat, 104lb. bench press, and a 215lb. deadlift! Like I do for many of my female lifters, we actually planned her 2nd attempt bench as her goal, which was 104lbs. This allowed us to retake if something went wrong technically, or take a jump up to 110lbs. and see what happens! Kate actually was able to lock out 110lbs. which is a big jump from anything she has done in the gym, but unfortunately the bar had a bit of up and down movement. With this meet now in the book, next up is Raw National where in just her 2nd sanctioned meet Kate will be stepping on the big stage!

Division: Master’s 3

Weight Class: 84kg

Squat: 143lbs.

Bench: 104bs.

Deadlift: 215lbs.

Total: 462lbs.

Coach: Steve

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