Competition Recap: Dave competed at the Strongman Corp Lifting Heavy in the Heat, placing 2nd in the Master’s division is a very tough and close battle. In the first event, Dave basically strict pressed the 145lb. circus dumbbell, but was still able to come out with the event win, and only 20lbs. off the top press through all classes. In the 2nd event, Dave placed second in the 600lb. yoke walk to 225lb. sandbag carry. In the 3rd event, Dave finished with 22 reps on the Subaru car deadlift, missing out on first place in the event by just 1 rep. The 4th event was the curveball of the day, as the husafel stone that they planned to use for the event broke earlier in the week, so they changed the event last second to and overhead sandbag toss over a 14 foot bar. Dave had no issue with the strength but the issue was his accuracy. With not having practiced for this specific event, technique and accuracy were off, and took hip a couple tosses before he nailed it and was able to complete all 4 bags with just a second left, at 59 seconds. In the final event of stone over bar, it was winner take all, and it came down to Dave completed 5 reps and his competitor hitting 6. Overall Dave’s performance was outstanding, and his strength across the board was high, its just a matter of getting beat by the better man that day. Congrats to Dave, and next up is a couple blocks really pushing static strength, and also throwing some bench press back in hitting that 400lb. mark!

Division: Master’s Men

Coach: Steve

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