Meet Recap: Dan competed at the USAPL Midwest/Central Regionals, coming home with 1st place in the 83kg Central Open division, and putting together a perfect 9/9 performance! Dan finished with a 424lb, squat, 265lb. bench press, and 501lb. deadlift for an 1190lb. total, which was a PR for all 3 lifts and a 60lb. total PR over his last meet in March. This is one of those meets where everything came together and Dan executed each lift to perfection. Going into the meet, the one thing we were confident of is that he had a 500lb. deadlift in him, and he came through for a 27lb. PR and made it look relatively easy, since he’s been known to have the ability to really grind a deadlift if need be. For bench and squat, he’s always seemed to underperform a bit so we took a different strategy leading into this meet, keeping intensity higher than usual and it paid off. The 424lb. squat he failed in March looked like he had an extra 15lbs. in him, and his 265lb. bench press move relatively easy as well, with probably another 5lbs. or so in the tank. Super proud of Dan and all the work he has put in, and happy to have coached him now through 4 meets over the past 3 years. 1200+ total is coming soon!

Division: Open

Weight Class: 83kg

Squat: 424lbs.

Bench: 265lbs.

Deadlift: 501lbs.

Total: 1190lbs.

Coach: Steve

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