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Competition Recap: Dave competed at the Strongman Corp Master’s National Championship where he placed 4th overall and was just a 1 rep away from making the podium. The goal going in was to be competitive and no zeros, and Dave was able to handle business on the day of competition. The only zero he got was on log, where a wide diameter log was used than he has access too and made it a bit rougher to press. But after that, he went was able to perform above and beyond on the remaining 4 events, setting a deadlift PR of 600×2, let alone it being done on an axle, as well as beating his gym bests on Yoke and Farmer’s!

Log Press: 300lbs. x 0
Yoke Walk: 820lbs. x 55ft
Axle Deadlift: 600lbs x 2
Farmer’s Carry: 320lbs. each hand x 55ft. in 28 seconds
Stones: 330lb. stone

Division: Master’s Heavyweight Men

Coach: Steve

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