Meet Recap: Shelly competed at the 6th Annual Beards and Bows meet and was able to put together a 35lb. PR total of 760lbs. (397 Wilks)! This included a big PR squat of 280lbs., 155lb. bench press that had alluded Shelly in 3 prior meets, and a PR deadlift of 325lbs.! This was Shelly’s best meet to date not only total wise, but really just performing up to the expectations that her training had dictated. I started coaching Shelly in May and she was frustrated with underwhelming meet performances, and what seemed to be the main causeĀ of that was she does not respond well to the prototypical peak and taper. She would be crushing her lifts but once volume was dropped and intensity would increase, she’d get really worn down, and then by the time she tapered it seemed like her strength was just absent. So for this meet we tried something different, and literally trained into the meet like it was just another day in the gym. Block after block Shelly would get better and better as the weeks went along, typically showing peak results in week 5. So we just planned out training like the meet was the beginning of her normal 5th week of training and it worked like a charm!

Division: Open

Weight Class: 60kg

Squat: 280lbs.

Bench: 155lbs.

Deadlift: 325lbs.

Total: 760lbs.

Coach: Steve

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