Meet Recap: 5 months ago Drew was limping off the platform after a gutsy performance where he PR’d his total somehow after pretty badly hurting his knee on his 3rd squat. Well post-meet it was a pretty lengthy rehab process, but it ended up being a blessing in disguise (I’ll come back to this). Drew stepped back on the platform this past weekend and had a perfect 9 for 9 day at the USPA Power Surge V with a 39lb. PR total, and walking off the platform pain free. His lifts included maybe the only purposeful 3-0-3 tempo squat PR in competition history at 545lbs., a 452lb. bench press, and a 666lb. deadlift to cap off a 1664lb. total! I semi-joke about the tempo squat PR, but Drew did purposefully baby the ascent rather than trying to be explosive through it, as the fact is that 545lbs. was not very heavy and the goal was to just get out of squats with zero issues. We knew a PR total was there so there wasn’t much need to go too hard on squats, and it’s going to be a quick turnaround to his next competition at the Hybrid Showdown. So all in all it was the exact day we were looking for and hopefully the first of many pain free meets to build off of.

Division: Open

Weight Class: 82.5kg

Squat: 545lbs.

Bench: 452lbs.

Deadlift: 666lbs.

Total: 1664lbs.

Coach: Steve

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