Meet Recap: Kenji competed at the USAPL Winter Wrecker as a T3 74kg lifter, hitting a 33lb. PR total and rocking the signature monster quads on the platform! Kenji finished the day with a 468lb. squat, 259lb. bench press, and a 413lb. deadlift to round out his total. A big thanks to Kyle Miller for stepping in to handle Kenji on the day. I was able to catch the live stream, and every number Kyle called matched exactly what I would have done, and it set up Kenji to have a fantastic day. It always reduces the stress of meet day on an athlete having someone as experienced as Kyle by your side! 

Division: Teen 3

Weight Class: 74kg

Squat: 468lbs.

Bench: 259lbs.

Deadlift: 413lbs.

Total: 1140lbs.

Coach: Steve

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