Meet Recap: Demetria competed at the USAPL Virginia Pro and finished 3rd overall in the women’s points series with a 104.462 GL Score! Strength was about as good as we could have hoped on the day, and Demetria finished with a 286lb. squat, 198lb. bench press, and a 330lb. deadlift to cap off a PR total of 815lbs.! Squat was probably the highlight of the day, and I know she was extremely excited to shed some of the issues of past meets with depth and leave no doubt this time around. 286lbs. was an all out grinder, but Demetria stuck with it and finished a perfect 3 for 3! On bench press, Demetria tied her current American Record on her second attempt with 90kg, but moving faster than it did at Nationals. So we bumped up to 91.5kg to chip her record, but it was just not quite there. Honestly I think the strength was there based off the speed of 90, but the benefit is that chip is still there the next time around when we need it. Moving onto deadlift, things were flying, but unfortunately there were a couple mishaps on the first and second attempt with up and down and then soft knees. We had to play it safe on the 3rd attempt to register a total, and Demetria came in clutch in a tough situation to hit her 3rd deadlift at 330lbs. and solidify 3rd place in the meet!

Division: Open

Weight Class: 47kg

Squat: 286lbs.

Bench: 198lbs.

Deadlift: 330lbs.

Total: 815lbs.

Coach: Steve

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