Meet Recap: Etienne had about the perfect day, going 9 for 9 and hitting a 39lb. PR total over his last meet in July. Etienne finished the day with a 402lb. squat, 275lb. bench press, and a 551lb. deadlift to secure a 1229lb. total in the 83kg weight class! While his last meet was a PR total, I know Etienne wasn’t fully satisfied, and in particular squat was not performing on meet day up to the expectation we wanted. Post meet we decided to take a longer gap between competitions to have some time to experiment within the squat structure, in particular moving deadlifts to the same day as squat. Etienne tended to have carry over back fatigue between both lifts, so this adjustment allowed us to start pushing squat intensity a bit more while allowing less weekly exposures to direct low back stress. After missing 402lbs. at his last meet, he nailed it this time around and probably even faster than his 2nd attempt of 385lb. moved in July. With that said we still believe there is room to improve upon that and moving forward we are going to further push the relative intensity on squat to see if we can start closing that gap between his squat and deadlift strength!

Division: Open

Weight Class: 82.5kg

Squat: 402lbs.

Bench: 275lbs.

Deadlift: 551lbs.

Total: 1229lbs.

Coach: Steve

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