Meet Recap: After the dust settled and it was official Sean was staying in the USAPL, on 4 weeks notice we shifted gears a bit from the current prep for a possible meet in March-April to the USAPL POD Winter Seasonal. Really it was an easy transition, because the momentum of training was already leading us towards testing some 9 RPE singles at the end of this block (which were done, weights being [redacted]). And timing wise the sooner the better so that we could then shift our focus to Raw Nationals over the next 21 weeks. Our main goal for this meet was to test the current training structure we are using, which is decently different from anything we had run before for squat and deadlift, and to test a different peaking structure than we have used prior. Needless to say it worked, and our capped attempts of a 623lb. squat, 463lb. bench press, and a 716lb. moved just as we had hoped. Sean does not have much to prove at a local meet, so there wasn’t much benefit to empty the tank when this week we wanted to be rolling right back into training without a hitch. After 2 preps that were plagued with the same injury, this time around he was 100% healthy and the things we learned should be extremely valuable come June. 

Division: Open

Weight Class: 82.5kg

Squat: 623lbs.

Bench: 463lbs.

Deadlift: 716lbs.

Total: 1802lbs.

Coach: Steve

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