Meet Recap: Heather competed at the USPA Female Feats of Strength and had just about the perfect meet! Heather finished the day with a 237lb. squat, 143lb. bench press, and 303lb. deadlift for a PR total of 661lbs.! This was one of those preps where I’d say pretty much everything went as planned in the gym and on the platform as it could be. A big difference between this meet prep and the last is Heather had a lot more confidence in handling heavy weights. She was routinely squatting weights weekly over what she did in prep last time, so come meet day it was more just like another training session than anything special. Bench was the surprise of the day, in that the goal was 138lbs., which would have been a PR. But her boyfriend and handler Clayton made a great call based on things were moving and jumped up to 143lbs. for her 3rd and she crushed it! Bench was the 1 lift that we took a different route to peaking this time. Really I just didn’t taper it much, as last prep her bench 1 week out was notably better than meet day. Usually with bench in that scenario I find its more of an issue of tapering too much, as bench tends to need to maintain volume and intensity more than the other 2 lifts. So all we really did was pull back on accessory work the week of the meet, trained into the meet day like it was just another training day, and we can see the success of that!

Division: Open

Weight Class: 67.5kg

Squat: 237lbs.

Bench: 143lbs.

Deadlift: 303lbs.

Total: 683lbs.

Coach: Steve

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