Meet Recap: Not the day we were anticipating for Jesse, however just like always this meet was just a way to gain some data and figure out what we needed to do to improve. We have been building and we know that he has certainly gained strength. Squats started off rough with getting a couple depth calls on the first two attempts but Jesse came back clutch and hit his 3rd squat to stay in the meet! Bench went well, but with squats going the way they did we decided to make a little bigger jump to see if we could hit a PR. 132.5 kg is what we ended up with. Deadlifts went exactly the same as bench and he hit 227.5 on his second attempt. Finishing with a 600kg total.

Division: Open

Weight Class: 83kg

Squat: 529lbs.

Bench: 292bs.

Deadlift: 501lbs.

Total: 1322lbs.

Coach: Patrick

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